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Haven't forgotten about Immo, just been taking a break for a while. I have been working as the (pixel) artist for an upcoming game called "Gentleman: The Dessicator"

Nonetheless, this made my day:4957032_140021372143_21dh8k7.png

I think we've all learned a valuable lesson from that.
BTW thanks to the creator of Fate Machine 1.0


2014-02-27 00:43:07 by VoodooMaximum

School and various other personal shits are slowing me down, so I'm sad to say I can only announce a few small ideas here. I am considering doing a comic called "Elise's Crossing." More on that later. I just began sketching out cover ideas and basic plot mapping, so nothing is really solid here

I am creating an original character, tentatively named "Immo," for my scouter, Immogin. Thank you again. 

Good progress on the Dystopia (the future city now has a title). 


2014-02-23 19:33:19 by VoodooMaximum

Thanks to Immogin, the best person to ever walk the face of the earth, I am now part of the art portal. Please check out her fantastic art and subscribe to her. 


In other news, I have a few "projects" going which I'd like to announce to all of my fan (intentionally singular, I'm obscure):

-A drawing of a futuristic city which is looking nice so far

-My very own profile pic :D

-More adult stuff 

Needs scouts!

2014-02-17 16:48:22 by VoodooMaximum

Hello nonexistant fans!


I need to get scouted. So uh, that. I appreciate your consideration