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2014-02-23 19:33:19 by VoodooMaximum

Thanks to Immogin, the best person to ever walk the face of the earth, I am now part of the art portal. Please check out her fantastic art and subscribe to her. 


In other news, I have a few "projects" going which I'd like to announce to all of my fan (intentionally singular, I'm obscure):

-A drawing of a futuristic city which is looking nice so far

-My very own profile pic :D

-More adult stuff 


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2014-02-23 22:36:43

That's great, new content is a good thing now that you are scouted you can't let people down.

VoodooMaximum responds:

I know! It's a little pressure, but I work well under pressure.


2014-02-23 23:40:44

You are seriously too kind, I appreciate that you're enjoying your newfound power :p